Actionable Guide for Landing an Interview as a No-Code Developer

published on 25 June 2024
Messaging Best Practices
Messaging Best Practices

In this guide we are going to cover how to email/message a company and what to include to increase your success at landing an interview. It is largely taken from Erik Goins of Flywheel Studio Twitter thread

You can get a copy of the No-Code Messaging Template here. Just go to "file" and then select "make copy". 

Table of Contents

1. Read the Job Post
2. What to Include
3. Be Professional
4. Button up Your Resume
5. Ask Questions
6. Email Template
7. Email Example
8. Final Thoughts

1. Read the Job Post Thoroughly

In one message, you should include everything I need to make a decision about if you're the right person for the job. 

If you don't include basic information, does that sound like the right person for the job?

Erik Goins

The most common flaw in the messages I receive from people looking for work is they do not reference any specific job related information in their response. 

Check out this post from Ian in the No Code Jobs subreddit.

byu/Virtual-Pea1506 from discussion

A loom (video recording) is above and beyond. Any extra effort on your part is noticed by employers and Ian was able to get a job via the subreddit in a matter of days.

You need to reference the position, what you have done that is relevant, and link to a project(s) demonstrating these skills.

If the post needs someone with 2+ years of experience working with APIs in Bubble, do not send a link to an app built in Softr where users submit pictures of their dog. 

2. What to Include in Your Message

CV, LinkedIn, Portfolio or a reason why you don't have one. A well thought out note - why are you the right person for the job, why are you interested, what do you know about us?

Erik Goins

If you don't have money to pay for a site to host your portfolio, use Linktree or Github Pages. They are free.

If you don't have a portfolio, create one. You can also link directly to client projects.

If you don't have a LinkedIn, create one. It is free. Follow No Code Jobs.

If you don't have a resume, create one. Check out this free template or find one you like. 

No clients? No money? That's alright. Build on a free subdomain. Keep the login open so people can quickly view functionality. I see lots of portfolios where login is broken or they ran out of storage on the free plan. Don't do this.

3. Be Professional!

This one is self explanatory. 

Send one message. Wait two days. Follow up politely.

What you'll look like on your first day?
What you'll look like on your first day?

4. Make Sure Your No Code Resume Looks Good

Use spell check. Make sure the technical terms you are referencing are correct. Have a friend look at it. Run it through ChatGPT. Send it to a teacher. Ask someone at the coffee shop. 

You want to make sure everything is spelled correctly. You will be working with clients in some form or another and people will want to make sure you can communicate effectively. 

Don't have anyone to send your resume to?

5. Show Interest and ask Questions

Be interested in the position! Not many people have asked a single question about the roles! Do you know what you're applying for? Do you know what it takes to be successful in the position or if you're even a good fit? Ask questions!

Erik Goins

Save your questions for when the conversation actually begins. The sole purpose of the first message is to begin a dialogue where you can see if you are a fit. 

Research the company, show you know what they do, and ask questions as they relate to the work you think they perform. 

I would avoid specific HR related functions until you are slightly further ahead in the interview process. 

No Code Application Email Template

You can get a copy of this template here. Just go to "file" and then select "make copy". 


Subject: {positionTitle}

Hi, {firstName}!

I saw you and the team at {companyName} are looking for a {positionTitle}. I've worked exclusively with {noCodeTool} for {numberYears} and have worked on projects with {features}.

Here's a link to my portfolio: {portfolioLink}
LinkedIn: {linkedInLink}

My resume is attached. Do you have some time next week to see if I am a fit?

Talk soon,


No Code Application Email Example

Let's use one of the most well-known agencies out there as an example ~ Airdev. If you are a Developer I highly recommend their free bootcamp

Let's say they are looking for a developer for a tax management platform, like this.


Hi, Vladimir!

I saw you and the team at Airdev are looking for a Senior Developer. I completed your bootcamp and have been building in Bubble for over 3 years. 

I helped a French startup build internal tooling working with the Quickbooks API and performing complex calculations. You can check it out here: Link.

Here's a link to my portfolio: {portfolioLink}
LinkedIn: {LinkedIn Link}

My resume is attached and I'd love the opportunity to interview. Do you have some time next week to see if I am a fit?

Talk soon,


How to Find Emails

Usually, a specific email is listed in the job posting. I would start by sending to that address. 

If not, Google is your friend. 

Check out their website and social media posts to see if they link directly to their email. 

You will want to message the person who posted the job.

No luck? Try these two free tools. I use both daily.

Final Thoughts

I will continue to update this blog post as the community needs. This initial post should help get you off the ground and increase your odds of landing an interview. 

As with all things, each use case is specific so please use your best judgement. Rooting for you!

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